Ways Yoga Retreats Can Change Your Life

Are you preparing for the next holiday? You may be thinking that you will miss yoga classes and what it does to your mind and body? You may have heard a lot about benefits of yoga and its health benefits. It is known for invigorating and de-stressing your complete mind-body system. It is now possible to experience such benefits by going for monthly retreats. You need to explore more about yoga retreat during the next vacation. The reasons can be a lot and can range from a unique and novel experience to something, which you are happy about.

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It is true during a retreat you can take your yoga practice to another level. This is because you will be attending more than two classes every day. This will ensure your progress and have positive effects quickly.


By going to the new places, you have an opportunity to see what the world offers. In fact, experiencing the unknown is an amazing way of learning and growing.


Since you will be having a lot of time, you will find it quite easy to meditate. Your boss is not there to remind you about deadlines or cell phone buzzing. During retreats, you will be enjoying what the mother nature has to offer. Thus, you get an opportunity to breathe deeply.

Detox digitally

There are times you ought to be far from home. This gives you permission to relax. When you go for a retreat, you can listen to your body, rest, and be free from stress. You will also be eating well without doing any works. In fact, getting the nutrition you require has never been such easy. At our favorite yoga studio in Chiang Mai, everything is done for you.

Do away with old habits

It is quite easy to break an old habit by replacing it with the new healthy one. By getting out of the normal routine for a month, it is possible to replace unhealthy habits with new behaviors, which support your healthy.

Make new friends

It is now possibltg23wed6y3w6edy27u282e to meet individuals who have similar interests as yours. It does not matter whether you are going alone, you will have the opportunity to make friends from across the world. Such friends do matter a lot in your life. Yoga retreats can help you know how to cope with life. This is because they provide techniques and practices that hold you in good stead. It helps stimulate your organs and removes blockages. This in turn helps you to de-stress.


The different types of yoga

Yoga refers to a training program for the mind and body. The training system has a long history that dates back to thousands of years ago. It has become very popular as it focuses from the past to the present in the the ever-changing world where humans are more focused on the future other than the present.

The different types of yoga which have developed from the past are available. Most beginners are faced with a challenge of identifying the best type, but after trying the different styles, they are able to find one that suits their needs.

The following are the most common types of yoga


This is a classical type consisting of the original breathing exercises and physical postures. A majority of the yoga styles that have been practiced in the west have been inspired by Hatha.  Their shape varies greatly in terms of the natural postures and their main focus on meditation and breathing.

Hatha represents the life’s duality-yin and yang, darkness and light, masculine and feminine etc.  This style helps to balance all these opposing forces.


This style is more dynamic compared to the Hatha type since the exercises are performed faster without breaking them. The exercises flow one after the other. The name Vinyasa means movement of the respiratory sytem. It deals with the relationship between the movements and breathing.

When practicing, a lot of heat is produced in the body which is excreted through sweating.


This is a more physically challenging style of yoga. It provides the best training for flexibility, strength, and endurance. This style is consists of a number of exercises conducted in a flow.  In Astanga yoga, the coordination of the movements and breathing must be done.


It is a tranquil style of yoga which was developed by Grilley Paul. It focuses more on deep balancing and stretching of the body. In this style, positions are normally held for a long period. Yin Yoga combines both wisdom from Chinese acupuncture and Taoism.


It is based on the Astanga yoga. The style works best for those individuals that require a more vigorous workout. This style is commonly seen in fitness centers and gyms.  It is very dynamic as it combines the different  yoga types.


This is a combination of the physical poses, focus, and breathing . Theses practices are combined in static and flow positions.  It is also characterized by the use of breathing exercises  and wave-like movements of the backbone.


Benefits Of Yoga To Your Health

Yoga has numerous benefits on the human mind and body. It has different meanings. It is the creation of balance in your body through both flexibility and strength. Yoga helps in keeping a balance between the body and mind which brings a calming influence and increasing your body energy. Continued practice helps in making your body more flexible and stronger. This contributes to improving the functioning of the various organ systems in your body such as respiratory, circulatory, hormonal and digestive systems.

There are different styles of yoga which have different names. They include standing postures, backbends, seated twists, inversions, arm balances, and core holds. Yoga is highly recommended for a healthy lifestyle

Here the main benefits of yoga to your health.

Boosts confidence

Meditation helps in increasing your confidence by relieving tension from your mind. Living without any anxiety helps you in establishing an internal connection in you which makes you build confidence about your body.

Lowers stress

Practicing yoga helps in improving your mood by lowering the stress. Exercises help to boost the oxygen level the brain tissues thus reducing the stress. It makes you feel relaxed and slows your breath allowing you remain focused on the present issues. This makes you happier.

Lowers potential risks of injury

Exercising includes a high risk of injury which increases the muscle tension. Yoga concentrates more on the balancing of these activities. Yoga unites your mind and body thus allowing you in turning in a safe way. This makes you injury free and healthier.

Increases posture

The continued prppppppppppppacticing of yoga is essential in the making of a flexible, supple and a healthy body. Yoga practice helps in toning the body muscles making them stronger. It also plays a significant role in improving the body posture during standing, sitting, sleeping or walking. This, in turn, helps in relieving the body pain caused by incorrect posture.


Builds muscle strength

Yoga improves your muscle tone. Strong muscles give you a good look and also protects you from arthritis and back pain.dbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Improves blood circulation

Yoga asanas improve your blood flow. The relaxation of the body muscles helps in the efficient blood circulation in the body. Yoga also increases blood flow to you cells improving their functionality.

Lowers blood pressure and benefits breathing

Consistency in yoga practice increases the lung capacity due to the deep breathing process. This is very helpful in sports as it increases endurance and stamina. Yoga asanas and meditation helps in slowing down the heart rate thus lowering the blood pressure.


All you need to know about yoga

Have you ever heard about yoga? Well, most people seem to have heard about it, but surprisingly, they do not know much.  Some know that it entails a few exercises and they think that they already know a lot about it when they knew only a pinch of it. In this article, you will get a chance to learn some crucial things that you probably didn’t know about yoga. But before we proceed further, let us first get the real definition of yoga.

Yoga is defined as a form of exercise that not only concentrates on the physical parts of the body but also the mind.  In fact, some people and doctors refer to it as a form of meditation for the body. It is thought to be an ancient practice that dates back to almost 500 years ago, and its core role is to join the body and the mind.

Yoga is not religioushindu

If you ask most people who know about yoga why they do not want to be associated with it, they answer is likely to be that yoga is meant for Hindus. That is, of course, an incorrect observation. However, despite the fact that yoga is not
religious, many religions have adopted it for their benefits.

Anyone can practice yoga

Some people think that only those who are in good shape can practice yoga. This is also a misleading thought. To be perfect in yoga, you need to begin from the beginners level regardless of your shape and body size. With time, you will be able to move to the more advanced class, and in that way, you will experience the various benefits.

Yoga is also good for children

Many schools have discoverechildd the benefits of yoga, and they are therefore implementing it in their schools as part of the co-curriculum activities. Like stated before, yoga joins the body and the mind. This, therefore, tells you that, in children, it can be of great significance for helping the kids to focus and concentrate in class. It also gives them a good workout.

There are many types of yoga

Another important thing that you need to understand about yoga is that it has many kinds and you can choose one that will serve you right. However, you need to wait for instructions from your instructor. The different types of yoga play different functions in the body. Some focus on balance and alignment while others focus more on introducing poses that will bring new elements to your body.